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hi guys, i’m back.

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can’t stop watching.


Big thanks to Johnny Pemberton for this one…

it’s things like this that make it clear we are more than just an evolved pile of goo. there are things going on that we can’t see, only feel. things we feel, that we can’t understand. understandings so complex, we see them simple. we are the human experiment. i wonder how they think we’re doing… 

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This makes me feel like, hey maybe I don’t mind waiting out the apocalypse.

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at first i was like…

but then i was like…

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this is my neighboring island. :(

this is my neighboring island. :(

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this is great.


Well, NOW I’m happy Willow Smith exists.

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bret and jemaine weren’t my first loves, but they are my last. 

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i’m behind on the internet. wow…

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Dan Harmon Poops: Stop Telling me Sharks are Misunderstood


I found this rant in my phone’s notepad. Pretty funny but probably not comedically bleeding edge. I don’t remember writing it, date says 2007. I miss having this much spare energy.

Stop telling me sharks are misunderstood

I understand sharks, Shark Documentary Asshole. They’re giant mouths in…

i tried not to respond to this. it’s dan harmon. it’s a joke! what if it’s not a joke? could i forgive him? yes, i could forgive him. he gave me senor chang! (which, incidentally, is a person i feel possesses key characteristics of a shark. i digress.) not responding- i walked the dog, took out the trash, looked at stars, but i just couldn’t shake the shark. “shake the shark” -lol, right? i’m not proud. 

  • less than 100 shark attacks worldwide annually. less than 1% fatal. 
  • annual estimates of shark finning- 50 to 100 million. 
  • you can die from eating apple seeds.
  • love you.
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Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis and Sean Penn

Zach Galifianakis’ twin brother Seth interviews Sean Penn between two ferns.

i have to reblog this because seth galifianakis represents my favorite subset of the gay community. 

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once you see it, you will always see it.

i can’t look at a paris hilton mug shot without thinking about princess vespa pre nose job.

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never forget, brah. 

never forget, brah. 

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